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Dark art, demon, doom, devil apocalypse, Lowbrow art, illustration, monster art, ghost, wight
"The Eel River Muck Wight of Southeastern Massachusetts"
Acrylic Ink, Pencil, pastel on 140 lb. watercolor paper
6" x 9"

"A ghost that is often seen at dusk, during the summer and fall months, mainly by children who are staying out too late and have ignored their mother's calls for dinner. Protector of flora and fauna that surround the Eel River, and has been known to steal children who hurt frogs, turtles, water striders or any creature in its domain. Said children usually turn up days later, covered in mud and babbling uncontrollably about, "the wight!" and the place in the ground." No one has been able to decipher just what this "place" is, but cryptozoologists have speculated that it is an inter dimensional wormhole that allows the being to traverse the ether realms."