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Graveyard Colossus
Graveyard Colossus
Acrylic, Acrylic Ink, Pen and Pencil on 1" cradled wood panel
8" x 10"

This piece was featured in my 2019 book of Halloween poems, stories and art, "Macabria" released by Cadabra Records.

"There are particularly old graveyards that have fallen into disrepair and have been abandoned. These places have been around so long, that the dead within have been forgotten, and there is no one left to keep the grounds and care for the tombs. It is then that the interred will combine their collective will and summon a “Graveyard Colossus,” to avenge them.
The Graveyard Colossus is a great and ancient god of the dead, who feeds off of the souls of the long departed. It takes its form from the very charnel matter of the cemetery itself: moss, grass, tombstones, coffins and corpses, are all clay to be molded into the hulking sepulchral titan. The voices of the dead combine into a sonorous and mighty howl as it strides across the grounds and into the world of the living, with the power to pass between the material and immaterial worlds.
It is a malevolent and terrifying creature from the old world of human sacrifice and of the worship of dark gods and goddesses. While not beholden to any seasonal limitations, it is especially powerful during the time of Samhain, when the powers of the dead are at their zenith. As the year draws to a close, ushering in the time when spirits and wraiths are let loose upon the world, the Colossus is one of the more powerful spirits to encounter in October."